Round 1.4 reiterates Mexico's appeal (KPMG in Mexico)

09 / ABR / 2017

Rubén Cruz and Alexander Braune* / KPMG in Mexico

* Lead partner and Director, Energy & Natural Resources

Despite a complex global economic context, the Energy Reform is ongoing, and Mexican and international companies firmly support this change. Majors, super majors and consortium stakeholders met last 17 December 2015, at the Fernando Hiriart meeting hall in the Ministry of Energy (SENER), where a presentation on behalf of government officials was given. This presentation set forth the scope of what would be referred as ‘Call for Bids 4 — License Contracts for the Exploration and Extraction of Deep Water Hydrocarbons of the Gulf of Mexico,’ otherwise known as Round 1.4.

(read the document here)

Round 1.4 reiterates Mexico's appeal (KPMG in Mexico)

Rubén Cruz, Lead Partner, Energy & Natural Resources

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