Climate outlook improves as fewer coal plants built (PowerSource)

23 / MAR / 2017
Energía Limpia


Joe McDonald and Katy Daigle of Associated Press at PowerSource


Beijing.- Led by cutbacks in China and India, construction of new coal-fired power plants is falling worldwide, improving chances climate goals can be met despite earlier pessimism, three environmental groups said Wednesday.


Climate outlook improves as fewer coal plants built (PowerSource)

(Photo: Andy Wong/Associated Press)


A joint report by the groups CoalSwarm, the Sierra Club and Greenpeace follows a warning this week by two international agencies that the world needs to shift quickly away from fossil fuels to curb global warming. Environmentalists were dismayed by President Donald Trump?s U.S. government budget proposal last week that would cut spending on renewable energy.


The latest developments “appear to have brought global climate goals within feasible reach, raising the prospect that the worst levels of climate change might be avoided,” said the report.


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