Trump business council: pro-renewables, pro-climate (Greentech)

21 / MAR / 2017
Energía Limpia


By Greentech Media


If Donald Trump asked the executives sitting on his business advisory council for advice about energy policy, what kind of answer would he get?


Judging by the billions of dollars those executives are pouring into renewables and carbon reduction programs, they?d probably tell him to emphasize the clean stuff.


In other words, the exact opposite of what he?s doing now .


A GTM review finds that nearly every company represented on Trump?s business advisory council is investing heavily in renewable energy projects and sustainability programs. The investments are wide-ranging. They include tax equity funds for solar and wind, direct renewable energy procurement to power facilities, deep energy efficiency to lower energy costs, and cleantech R&D to stay ahead of the competition.


Many of the executives or member companies have also made strong statements about the favorable economics of renewables and the imperative of addressing global warming.


“To make America great again, climate action is very logical. This is a very convincing story for job creation and economic growth,” said Doug McMillon, Wal-Mart?s chief executive and White House business council member, speaking at the World Economic Forum in January.


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