Is a carbon tax on consumption the happy medium? (GreenBiz)

15 / FEB / 2017
Energía Limpia


Nives Dolsak and Aseem Prakash (GreenBiz) Is a carbon tax on consumption the happy medium? (GreenBiz)


Is it possible to reduce carbon emissions without hurting economic growth and destroying jobs?


The recent spate of executive orders, including one to pause current environmental reviews for infrastructure projects and another to revoke two regulations for every new one requested, suggests the White House sees regulations as job killers.


Indeed, some regulatory approaches are problematic. For example, if companies are required to reduce the greenhouse gases they generate in a given territory, a company simply could relocate its emission-intensive activities to countries with less stringent rules. Consequently, emission-reducing regulations get branded as job killers, and emissions won?t necessarily go down anyway.


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