Plastic to fuel flight makes aviation history (Plastic Energy)

23 / ENE / 2017

By Plastic Energy

Campaigning Pilot Jeremy Rowsell has made history by flying a light aircraft more than 500 miles from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia, using conventional fuel blended with 10% fuel manufactured by the UK´s Plastic Energy, from plastic waste.

The unique "On Wings Of Waste" (OWOW) flight in a Vans aircraft RV9a has proved that end of life plastic waste can be  transformed from a pollutant into a viable alternative jetA1 fuel and can be used for any diesel engines.

Dubbed the "10 per cent solution" the "On Wings Of Waste" team´s campaign to inspire people to recycle plastic waste has taken four years to get off the ground.

The four stage proposition is: re-cycle  - persuading the public to support for a recycling; re-use - transforming fuel from plastic waste to be blended with Jet A1; re-fuel - airlines adopting a 10% blend of fuel derived from plastic waste, and rescue - pollution of the world´s oceans is slowed down and eventually halted.

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Plastic to fuel flight makes aviation history (Plastic Energy)
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